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Small Tool Technologies have the pleasure of introducing ourselves as one of the leading precision tooling manufacturers in China. We have employ hundred skilled workers throughout the past few years. In addition, we have accumulated good experiences of fabricating finished products from raw materials. Our products are well recognized by various semiconductor industries, IC (Encapsulation Mold) maker, die-attached tools, plastic injection mold makers, and IC testing equipments, all types of machining parts throughout the world.

We are committed to meet all the requirements and the quality management system through high quality product, on time delivery, services, continual improvement and pricing. In every market, every solution we offer, every way we serve our customers, we will provide our best.

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Small Tool Technologies

TEL:  (86)0513-85922377

FAX:  (86)0513-85922373

E-mail: sales@small2nt.com

Add: No.2B Qingdao Road, Nantong Economic & Technology Development Zone, Nantong, Jiangsu, China

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