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Four reasons for anodizing dyeing

After anodizing, sulfuric acid solution remains in the pores of the oxide film. Therefore, the aluminum products must be thoroughly cleaned before dyeing.
20 2021/08

What are the processing methods of aluminum products?

First of all, before understanding the processing of aluminum products, let's first understand the element of aluminum.
20 2021/08

Is the technical content of aluminum product processing and fusion good?

Nowadays, aluminum products are widely used in our industry, especially in the manufacture of wires, cables, radio industry and packaging industries.
20 2021/08

How does the burr problem of aluminum products form?

Burr is a problem often encountered in the processing of aluminum products. Once the burr is formed, it is difficult to remove it later.
20 2021/08

Talking about Hard Oxidation Treatment in Oxidation Plant

According to the oxidation plant, the hydrated crystal film formed at the high temperature of hard oxidation, especially at the melting point, is a very stable and irreversible crystal film, and its appearance has changed a lot.
20 2021/08

Installation skills of aluminum frame

The frame of each application industry cannot be just a detached frame. According to the requirements of the place, the top of the frame and the installation are not the same as the section.
20 2021/08
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